The E.R.A.

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Introducing The E.R.A.
Jonathan Moritz - tenor sax, soprano sax
Marcus Cummins - alto sax, soprano sax
Ryan Snow - trombone
Chris Welcome - guitar
Shayna Dulberger - upright bass
John McLellan - drums
Juan Pablo Carletti - drums

This albums features compositions by Chris Welcome, Jonathan Moritz, John McLellan and Shayna Dulberger. The E.R.A. was formed in June 2007 and is based in Brooklyn, NY but the members have been collaberating since 2005 in different combinations. The album was recorded at Wombat Studios in Brooklyn, NY.


2008 Downtown Music Gallery
Downtown Music Gallery Review: Featuring Jonathan Moritz & Marcus Cummins on saxes, Ryan Snow on trombone, Chris Welcome on guitar & cello, Shayna Dulberger on acoustic bass and Juan Pablo Carletti & John McLellan on drums. I only recognize a couple of the names here like the young bassist Shayna Dulberger from her work with Ras Moshe and William Parker and John McLellan fom his work with Joe McPhee. I do recognize a few of the faces from being at the store as well. Considering that this ensemble consists of seven members with two saxes, two drums and trombone, guitar and bass, they do sound quite focused without everyone playing at the same time. Actually four of the members have contributed songs, so that this is not just a free-form fight. The first piece "Into Pieces" sounds as if it was conducted and is chamber-like. The layers of parts consist of different subgroups coming together with different harmonies glowing simultaneously. Each piece employs a different strategy of structure, although the pieces often unfold organically. "Septagon" sounds as if it is flows in slow motion. The under-recognized but great new bassist, Shayna Dulberger, sounds especially strong throughout this disc. Her piece, "Year of the Pig" swings, swirls and goes in and outside all in the space of six minutes. The thing I dig most about this disc is that everyone who contributed a piece, did something quite different. "Salome" features dreamy sax harmonies, elegant guitar and nice brushwork. A good deal of thought and preparation went into organizing this disc, hence there are a number of quiet and odd surprises in store. The E.R.A. is a most talented collective of individuals that shouldn't be ignored, since their time has certainly come. - BLG

January 10, 2009 All About Jazz
"The E.R.A. is a New York-based septet who perform original material and toy with tempo, duos and trios, improvisation and composition and abstraction contrasted with literal interpretation. The makeup of the band is unusual (two drummers, bass, two saxophones, trombone and guitar/cello) and for a group with this much percussion their sound on Introducing is curiously chamber-like, with smaller offshoots making a greater impression than the collective does as a whole. Chris Welcome's plucked cello is particularly distinctive and while four of the seven members write, it's him and up-and-coming bassist Shayna Dulberger who steal the spotlight from the more assertive voices. By Jeff Stockton