"Shayna Dulberger is an integral part of that generation who has made the commitment to unlocking further mysteries inside the tone world." William Parker, Ache & Flutter Liner Notes

"One notices Dulberger’s playing immediately - simply put, she’s a monster." Clifford Allen, New York City Jazz Record

"Her full-throttle quartet, covers... expansive ground, citing influences from Paul Chambers to Ornette Coleman to Ahmad Jamal." Shaun Brady, Philadelphia City Paper

"Dulberger provides the music’s muscular backbone: she drops assertive accents, judiciously prods her cohorts without getting in anyone’s way, and contributes seething solo work that hints at the playing of one of her mentors, William Parker" Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

Shayna Dulberger has been actively playing bass since 2001, touring and performing in many bands and projects. She has recorded 3 albums under her own name "TheKillMeTrio" (2006), "The Basement Recordings" (2011) and "Ache and Flutter" (2013).

Dulberger on electric bass.

Cellular Chaos

Her project for Solo Upright Bass uses methods for bowing and plucking. Improvising in this context liberates her from her studies in Jazz, Bebop, Dixieland and fundemental Classical training. She strives for good intonation by keeping her roots in Simandl Book I and other Frederick Zimmermann classics, Contemporary Concept of Bowing Technique For The Double Bass.

HOT DATE is a noise collaboration with Chris Welcome. This photo is from the first chapter. Dulberger plays Upright Bass through delay, loop and distortion.

For the second chapter set up, Shayna switches to four track, electric bass and effects. The third chapter and most current set up uses tape collage and delay. Although the tapes include samples of her playing upright bass and electric bass she doesn't perform on it in the present.

Shayna has been active in the downtown free jazz scene since she started her own weekly avant-garde series in 2005. This is when she began playing with saxophonist Ras Moshe. In 2007, she was honored to be William Parker's bassist on Double Sunrise Over Neptune. She has been lucky enough to share the stage with Bill Cole, Charles Gayle, Andrew Cyrille, Billy Bang, Andrew Lamb, Joe Morris, Mat Maneri, Sabir Mateen, Roy Campbell, Fay Victor, Katie Bull and others. 

When Dulberger isn't touring she's teaching young people the joys of music. She has become quite popular since she started in 2005 in a private school in Queens. She currently teaches Suzuki Bass at Brooklyn Conservatory.